To Adam Dant for his style.

To Claire Lawrie for her colourful eye.

To Beacon Packaging for their printing skills.

To Ritsuko Oshu for her knowledge.


To Michal Miller for his professionalism.


To Julia Skinner for sharp thoughts.  


The name Dog's Body is suitably apt as the founder’s career has touched a diverse range of creative genres from fine art to club decoration, graphic design, interior design, lighting design and product design.

Whilst based in Paris fine art was the driving form, including club art, the mix of natural pigments and fluorescents with light led to instalations in venues like the Pompidou Centre and later to the creation of the interior style and naming of Plastic People before the club migrated to Shoreditch.

In the graphic arena he was responsible for the original Eurostar logo and was awarded an Emmy in 2005 for design whilst involved in the production of The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler.

A fascination has always been had for metals, especially the qualities to be found in rusts and patinas. This has steered a visual course as far back as the mid 80's​.

Dog's Body respects the notion of handmade. Every product that leaves us in the East End of London will be unique as each one is cut, polished and put together by hand. This spirit even runs though to the design and origination of our packaging and instructions which are all hand drawn by prominent city fringe artist Adam Dant. "The inventive packaging style has the comforting feel of something you’d find in your Grandfather’s toolshed".

Piers Wallace